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Basic CV

  Name: xxx nationality: China

  Current location: Guangzhou National: Han

  Exit and Entry: Henan tall: 164 cm   45 kg

  Marital Status: Single Age: 21 years

  Training Certification: integrity badge:

  Job search intention and work experience

  Personnel types: ordinary job  

  Position: Administrative / Personnel categories: trade-related clothing / textile / leather / footwear

  Work Experience: 1 Title: No Title

  Job type: full-time can be reported for duty - at any time

  Monthly requirements: 2000 - 3500 hope that the working area: Guangzhou Guangzhou Guangzhou

  Personal experience: 2006.7-2007.12 Electronics Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou艾德科森as IMIS, the main work is clerical, with the orders, orders, warehouse:


  1. The main reception customers, finishing the company documentation, staff attendance, minutes of meetings, bank wire transfer, organize the work of employees to report every week, is responsible for daily maintenance products and do a good job records, dealing with customer feedback.

  2. To assist the general manager of customer return, open up new customers and maintaining existing customers and so on.


  1. And manufacturers of goods required to confirm customer availability, customer demand for the product control the price after checking models offer sheet given to customers after the signing of the contract, to give orders according to demand.

  2. Under the orders to manufacturers and to manufacturers who do the way the date of shipment and delivery of express shipments and record single and airway bill number, in order to query.


  1. The next order, in accordance with the manufacturers to start shipping during the recovery of goods, determine the goods have been issued, the arrival time.

  2. Goods to the post, in accordance with the orders to an inventory of goods, for goods not yet timely response from the manufacturers.


  1. Is responsible for the management of warehouse goods, for storage of all items must be familiar with.

  2. To come up with anything in the warehouse will be a detailed record of items to ensure that the loss of the warehouse.

  3. Per month will be a detailed inventory of the warehouse and do a good job to the manager of schedule. Give managers need to address the recommendations of the goods and the need for the goods, to ensure that the balance of the storage of goods.

  While at work, conscientiously study and knowledge, in respect of the work has extensive experience in such work can be competent.

  Educational background

  Graduate institutions: Nanyang, Henan Normal University

  Highest level of education: college graduates - 2006-07-01

  Studies by one: the Science of Music Education II:

  By education and training experience: 2006.03-2006.05 far side excellent computer through the school office automation

  2001.09-2006.07 Nanyang Teachers College Music Education Diploma

  Language ability

  Foreign Language: English General

  Mandarin level: the level of fine Cantonese: General

  The ability to work and other expertise

  July 2006 -2007 I-year period in November in Guangzhou Electronics Co., Ltd.艾德科森duties as IMIS, for clerical orders, with orders, warehouse work, such as have a deep understanding and experience, I have positive attitude towards life and a clear aim in life, there is a correct outlook on life and world view, to treat the work of pro-active, have the courage to challenge the difficulties, studious, cheerful and lively personality, strong communication skills, love of music and proficiency in WORD, EXCEL and other popular office software.

  Detailed personal autobiography

  I undertook to do all we can do a good job in each of the work and constantly improve themselves in the workplace, the challenges themselves, in the work of their own stage show, gave the company a force in development.

  Hope that the Working Area: Tianhe, Guangzhou City

  Personal Contact

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