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Peter Stevens个人英文yabo官网范文

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 Peter David Stevens

  University of Texas at Austin

  1 University Station - C2369

  Austin, TX 78712

  (512) 555-3454




  University of Texas, Austin, TX, May 2002

  College and Graduate School of Business

  Major: Marketing; Minor: Spanish

  Cumulative GPA: 3.8


  Entrepreneurial: Designed, published and promoted 35-page marketing Web site.

  Established, managed, and sold lawn service consisting of 20 clients.

  Founded and maintained car detailing service responsible for 25 clients.

  Professional Sales: Telemarketed as an order-taker for Longhorn Tire Supply, which involved learning and   implementing sales presentation and conflict-resolution skills.

  Performed cold, door-to-door sales calls to obtain clientele for a deli delivery route and landscape service company.

  Solicited Austin business professionals for donations and sponsorships of UT Crew, Club Hispanic, and George   Bush Hall events.

  Communications: Composed business news articles as an intern and authored editorial articles as a freelance columnist for the Texas Business Weekly.

  Drafted professional letters for the Texas Bureau for Compliance Monitoring and a financial assistance proposal for the Austin Rotary Club in an academic internship with the Migrant Farm Workers Association.

  Performed reading, writing, and speaking activities in Spanish while participating in a language immersion program in Costa Rica, a Latin American Studies trip in Guatemala, and a business internship program in Ecuador.

  Multicultural: Developed integrated marketing plan for sale of services to Latin American municipalities through internship program in Ecuador.

  Participated in Spanish immersion program in San José, Costa Rica, while living with a local family and attending a language school for one month.

  Interacted with Mayan Indians to observe their cultural norms and study their language for two weeks through a Latin American Studies trip to Guatemala.


  Whos Who Among Students in American Universities

  National Honor Society: 4 Semesters

  Deans List: 4 Semesters

  Honor Roll: 2 Semesters


?????? Resident Assistant, UT Department of Residential Life

  General Member, UT Alumni Association

  Rower, UT Crew Team


  The Cumulative GPA (Grade Point Average) is the calculation of all grades received while an undergraduate or a graduate student at the university.

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