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  Ama Champion

  150 Blue Street

  Winner, Maryland 20000



  To obtain an executive sales position with a progressive company.


  XYZ Corp. (1996-Present)

  National and Key Account Manager (August 1999-Present)

yabo官网  Responsible for sales of new national accounts in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia with a focus on data services to customers billing over $10,000 per month. Primary duties include:

  Prospecting for new customers, closing the sale and managing account implementation team to ensure proper installation of services

  Always 110%-120% of quota

  Establish relationships with key executives of new and existing accounts

  Train newly hired national account managers in sales strategies, product line and use of mainframe computer system

  Major Account Representative (December 1997-August 1999)

  Primary emphasis on providing dedicated voice and data services to customers billing over $5,000 per month. Responsibilities included:

  Prospecting for new opportunities via cold call, research of leads, and vertical market strategies

  Focused on application selling of data products

  Management of contract negotiations with client executive managers

  Increasing the revenue stream from existing customer base

  Completed Professional Selling Skills by Learning International, Inc.

  Account Representative (October 1996-December 1997)

  Responsible for sales, service and retention of new corporate accounts. Daily activity focused on door to door cold calling combined with telephone prospecting and follow-up.


  3-time Top Performer Award winner

  2-time Star Achievement Award winner

  2-time Presidents Award winner

  Vision in Action Award winner

  Three Month Showdown Award winner

  Reach for the Stars Award winner


  Strong work ethic, accustomed to exceeding employer and customer requirements

  Excellent communication skills and highly proficient in executive level presentations

  Self-motivated, self-directed and comfortable with significant responsibility


  State University

  Bachelor of Science, May 1996

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