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1. I have been for over five years in teh employ of an exporting company.   


  2. I have been in the business for the last ten years, and worked as the superintendent in the personnel department.  


  3. i have had five years experience with a company as a salesman.   


  4. For the past three years, I have been in the office of the Brothers Trading Co., where I have been ad still am an accountant.   


yabo亚博  5. I am twenty years of age, and have been employed for the last two years by the Green Trees Co., in teh general clerical work of the office.   


  6. I am 25 years of age, and have had two years experience in my present post, which I am leaving to better myself.   


  7. I am nineteen years of age, female and have had two years experience in a companys delivery office.   


  8. I am just leaving school, and am eighteen years of age.   


  9. I am twenty years of age, and am anxious to settle down to office work.   


  10. Since my graduation from the school two years ago, I ahve been employed in teh Green Hotel as a cashier.   



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